Ataturk Children's Hospital 100 KW Grid Connected Solar Energy Supply – UNDP ABADEI Project

European Technology Company (ETC) is thrilled to announce the successful completion of the 100KW Grid Connected Solar Energy Supply installation, testing, and commissioning phase for the Ataturk Children Hospital under the UNDP ABADEI scheme. 

The system is now active and efficiently generating energy for the hospital. Throughout the project, which involved the installation of a 108.9KWp solar power system comprising 550Wp Sunergy PV panels, meticulous attention was given to every detail. Moreover, two 50KW Fronius PV inverters, meticulously monitored via local screens, ensure optimal power generation. The entire structure, including the GI structure pitched to the roof, boasts robust safety measures, with careful consideration given to grounding and protection. 

Moreover, comprehensive training was provided to three hospital staff members, covering all aspects from installation to monitoring. We extend our gratitude to UNDP and Care technical staff for their invaluable contributions and guidance throughout this endeavor.